Online Tuition

for 7-11 yrs 

Time: Flexible time slots

Price: £35 p/hr 

  • Enjoyable and highly personalised one-to-one sessions, which will allow your child to flourish and reach their true potential 

  • Just like traditional face-to-face tuition each online session will be tailored to your child's concentration level and learning style      

  • An initial assessment will focus on getting to know your child's core strengths and areas for development

  • Relaxed and productive sessions, including the use of an interactive whiteboard

  • General English and Maths support

  • 7+, 8+ Exam preparation

  • 11+ English Exam preparation 

  • SATs 

  •  Parental feedback will be given at the end of each session, or emailed, depending on your preference.

Please note: you will need a stable internet connection, earphones and a microphone.