Creative writing

(Y2 & Y3

boys & Girls)

Dates: TBC

Venue: TBC

Time:   9:30 am-12:30 pm  

Price:   £150  

  • Maximum 5  children  

  • Improve your child's writing skills through the use of visual stimuli 

  • A focus on releasing the inner creative voice that is within us all 

  • Develop verbal skills by talking about ideas for characters and exciting story plots

  • Learn how to write a juicy story ending 

  • Explore story writing skills in a supportive and non-judgemental environment 

All educational materials provided. Please bring your own drink and nut free snack. Parking for drop off and collection is available. 


7-11 yrs

Time:  Flexible time slots 

Price:  £35 per hour


  • One-to-one sessions 

  • Highly personalised

  • Relaxed and productive using an interactive whiteboard when beneficial 

  • Sessions are tailored to your child's ability and attention span

  • English  and Maths 

  • 7+, 8+ Exam preparation

  • 11+ English Exam preparation 

  • SATs 

  • Parental feedback given at the end of each session, or emailed, depending on your preference

 You will need a stable internet connection, earphones and a microphone.

    Time: Flexible time slots

Price: £40 


  • KS1 and KS2 English and maths

  • An easy to use online format

  • Gain a detailed picture of your child's strengths and areas for development

  • Parental feedback will be provided after the assessments have been marked

You will need a stable internet connection, earphones and a microphone.

Time: Flexible time slots

Price: £35/hr

  • Individualised tuition for your child at your home - Exeter and West Devon only 

  • Entrance exam preparation for the 7+, 8+, 11+ English and SATs

  • Help with homework and building confidence for the English and Maths 

  • Enhanced DBS clearance 


Private tutoring